Home Care Accreditation
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2018 Webinar Offerings

All webinars start at Noon (12:00 pm) - Central Time
Please reserve one hour for each webinar
The Business Case for Quality: Benefits of Pursuing Accreditation for Home Based Services
January 25 - Watch the Replay
Understand the role of accreditation and discover its value in positioning your home care organization for greater success.
Roadmap to Accreditation: Navigate Your Way to The Gold Seal
February 8 - Watch the Replay
We will share steps and resources to help plan, prepare for and achieve home care accreditation.
Ensure Compliance And Meet Payor Needs For Your Pharmacy
February 22
Learn various ways Joint Commission accreditation can help ensure compliance and meet payor needs for your pharmacy.
Strategies To Conquer Challenging Standards
March 29 - Watch the Replay
Dive into some of the most challenging standards and get some expert guidance in how to meet them.
Value of Community-Based Palliative Care Certification - A Peer's Point Of View
April 19 - Watch the Replay
We will share unique features and benefits of the Community-Based Palliative Care certification from a peer, including tips and resources to help attain this certification.
5 Strategies For A Successful Survey
May 24 - Watch the Replay
Provides strategies and resources to use before, during and after your survey to help your home care organization prepare to succeed.
Learn How The Joint Commission's Accreditation Framework Helps Meet CoP Requirements
June 21 - Watch the Replay
This webinar will discuss how home care accreditation helps you meet the CoP requirements.
Just the Basics: Overview of Home Care Accreditation
July 19 - Watch the Replay
Covers home care accreditation from beginning to end, including process, cost and useful resources to get started!
Community-Based Palliative Care Certification - Lessons Learned
August 23 - Watch the Replay
Details about the eligibility criteria, critical standards, application process, best practices and lessons learned.
Home Care Accreditation: Frequently Asked Questions
September 20 - Watch the Replay
We will share frequently asked questions about Joint Commission home care accreditation.
An Orientation to the Home Care Accreditation Requirements
October 25 - Watch the Replay
Learn how Joint Commission standards are developed and implemented, as well as resources for assessing and applying them to your unique home based service.
Conduct Your Own Mock Survey
November 29 - Watch the Replay
Learn more about how our tracer methodology is used to measure compliance during surveys and how to conduct your own mock survey using tracers.