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Position Yourself for Greater Reimbursement Within Value-Based Purchasing
Position Yourself for Greater Reimbursement Within Value-Based Purchasing
Value-Based Purchasing is Here.
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As the role of valued-based contracting increases in health care, states, insurers and payors are looking to identify ways to incorporate quality metrics in reimbursement or payment models - and they're looking to The Joint Commission.

Here are just some examples where Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation is used as a quality metric to allow payment approval, network participation, contract or licensure eligibility and higher rates of reimbursement for nursing homes: 

  • Value Scorecard - Certain payors/insurers recognize Joint Commission accreditation towards a center’s value score and offer higher rates of reimbursement when a threshold score is met. 
  • State Recognitions - State regulatory agencies leverage Joint Commission accreditation for defining quality.
    • State of Florida uses quality metrics to increase reimbursement to high-performing facilities. The Joint Commission’s Nursing Care Center Accreditation is one of the credentials recognized and awards points to centers achieving this distinction. 
    • State of Ohio accepts Joint Commission accreditation as a quality improvement project for meeting its nursing home quality initiative. 
    • State of Tennessee awards nursing facilities 10 bonus points for being accredited by The Joint Commission, positioning these centers for higher rates of reimbursement.
  • Network Participation - BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois requires Joint Commission accreditation for extended care facilities that wish to participate contractually as an HMO provider in the network.  

  • Alignment with Other Quality Metrics - Joint Commission accreditation is proven to help nursing homes enhance their quality outcomes. A study published in JAMDA shows Joint Commission-accredited nursing homes outperform non-accredited nursing homes on 8 of 13 key quality measures. 

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