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Make 2020 the year you start your organization on the path to higher performance.  Accreditation from The Joint Commission is based on national standards of care that can give you the framework to improve quality and safety, standardize practices, and take your organization to the next level.

Why Choose The Joint Commission?
Choosing The Joint Commission as your partner in performance improvement helps you to standardize and improve operations, reduce risk exposure, and improve your standing with payors.  Plus, The Joint Commission excels at providing assistance and resources to help you achieve your quality goals.

  • Reputation:  The Joint Commission name is widely recognized and respected across the health care continuum as the highest level of distinction your organization can earn to demonstrate safe, high quality services

  • Improvement Potential: Joint Commission accreditation provides a framework for operational excellence based on continuous improvement to help standardize operations and improve outcomes for the individuals you serve.

  • Risk Reduction: Joint Commission accreditation standards can help you embed quality and safety into everyday operations while lowering your liability insurance rates

  • Recognition by Payers: The Joint Commission name is known and respected by payers to help improve your organization's standing with insurers and facilitate payment approvals and contract qualifications

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