Behavioral Health Care Accreditation
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2018 Webinar Offerings

All webinars start at Noon (12:00 pm) - Central Time
Please reserve one hour for each webinar
Behavioral Health Accreditation Basics
January 16 - Watch the Replay
Considering accreditation? This overview will cover what you need to know including the cost, the process, and how to get started.
Roadmap to Behavioral Health Accreditation
February 13 - Watch the Replay
Learn how to plan and prepare for behavioral health accreditation in this webinar, including the resources available to help.
Orientation to the Accreditation Requirements
March 14 - Watch the Replay
Learn more about the behavioral health standards in this webinar, including how to access them and how to filter them for your unique service profile.
Measurement-Based Care Update
April 17 - Watch the Replay
This webinar will provide an update on the recently revised standard for measuring outcomes that went into effect January 1, 2018.
Strategies for a Successful Survey
May 15 - Watch the Replay
This webinar will help you prepare for your accreditation by revealing what happens during a behavioral health on-site survey.
The Business Case for Quality: Leveraging Accreditation to Improve the Bottom Line
June 12 - Watch the Replay
Learn how behavioral health accreditation has helped others improve funding sources, increase referrals, reduce costs, and more.
Conquering Challenging Standards
July 10 - Watch the Replay
Join us for a webinar focusing on the top most cited standards for community behavioral health agencies over the past year.
Conduct your own Mock Survey
August 14 - Watch the Replay
Learn more about our Tracer methodology used to measure compliance during surveys, and how to create and conduct your own mock survey using tracers.
High Reliability in Behavioral Health Care
September 11 - Watch the Replay
Join this webinar to learn why high reliability is so important, what it means, and how to begin integrating these concepts into your behavioral health organization.
Update on Medication-Assisted Treatment in Substance Use Disorders
October 16 - Watch the Replay
This webinar will discuss current trends and legislation in medication-assisted therapy, including the importance of individualized therapy.
Resources for Readiness
November 7 - Watch the Replay
Join us to explore the many resources available to help you prepare for, and maintain, behavioral health accreditation.