Ambulatory Care Accreditation
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2018 Webinar Offerings

All webinars start at Noon (12:00 pm) - Central Time
Please reserve one hour for each webinar
Basics of Ambulatory Care Accreditation
January 23 - Watch the Replay
Covers ambulatory care accreditation from beginning to end, including process, cost and useful resources to get started!
Roadmap to Ambulatory Care Accreditation
February 22 - Watch the Replay
Shares steps and resources to help plan, prepare for and achieve ambulatory care accreditation.
Resources for Readiness
March 22 - Watch the Replay
Reveals the many resources offered by The Joint Commission to help your ambulatory care organization with its continuous improvement efforts.
Business Case for Pursuing Accreditation
April 19 - Watch the Replay
Understand the role of accreditation and the many benefits it can offer to your ambulatory care organization.
Orientation to Accreditation Requirements
May 22 - Watch the Replay
Learn how Joint Commission standards are developed and implemented, as well as resources for accessing and getting assistance with ambulatory care requirements.
Become a Joint Commission Medical Home
June 21 - Watch the Replay
Shares unique features and benefits of The Joint Commission's Primary Care Medical Home and resources to help attain this certification.
Satisfy Palmetto’s new sleep-specific mandate
June 27 - Watch the Replay
Hospital-Based Sleep Services: Satisfy Palmetto’s new sleep-specific mandate with Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Accreditation
Most Commonly Cited Ambulatory Care Standards
July 24 - Watch the Replay
Addresses the 10 most commonly cited ambulatory care standards and offers strategies and resources to comply with these areas.
Tips for a Successful Survey
August  23 - Watch the Replay
Provides strategies and resources to use before, during and after your survey to help your ambulatory care organization succeed.
Accreditation Options for your ASC
September 20 - Watch the Replay
Learn various ways The Joint Commission can help your freestanding surgery center improve patient safety efforts and compete effectively in today’s market.
Infection Prevention in Ambulatory Care
October 25
Shares strategies and resources for improving infection prevention methods in ambulatory care organizations.
Accreditation: A customer's perspective
November 29
Learn about ambulatory care accreditation from a unique point of view – the Joint Commission customer.