Tools and resources
to help you with
your transition to
The Joint Commission

Understand the accreditation process 
This ambulatory care accreditation overview piece provides a quick snapshot of the steps to accreditation, including application submission, onsite survey prep and post-survey process.
Steps to Ambulatory Care Accreditation

A look at Joint Commission standards
Learn about our requirements and identify the similarities and differences between IMQ and Joint Commission standards to see where you’re already in compliance and where we can help. 
Standards Crosswalk 

On-Site Survey Process A look at Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Survey Process
See how IMQ and Joint Commission compare in the ambulatory care on-site survey process.
Ambulatory Care Survey Process Comparison

We have answers
You are likely to have questions about how our process, standards and pricing compares to what you’re familiar with. Check out this handy FAQ document to get the answers you’re looking for.
FAQ Document

Icon-Webinar Play Screen.jpg Watch Webinar
Feel free to view and listen to the “Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Accreditation” webinar for more indepth information on the application, survey and post-survey process.

Didn’t have a chance to attend our in-person “Transitioning to Joint Commission accreditation” workshops for IMQ customers?

You can still gain insights on Joint Commission clinical standards, resources for survey readiness, the on-site survey process, government recognition updates, and post-survey steps by accessing the workshop presentation slides.

For follow up questions or to get started with the accreditation application process, simply call Alisha Morrison, Business Development Manager, at (630) 792-5234 or email [email protected] to discuss which program and survey options are the best fit for your needs.